31 May 2016 | Tuesday

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Chairman Opening Remarks
Tony Poulos, Managing Editor, Disruptive Views and Columnist, Telecom Asia
Welcome Speech
Joe Deng, Carrier Business President, Southern Pacific Region, Huawei.
Opening Keynote: Smart Nation Innovations - Our Future. Now
Tan Kok Yam, Head, Smart Nation Programme Office
The Impact of Technology on the Asia Pacific Economy Digital
  • Asia Pacific Outlook: Economic, financial and demographic forces that are defining the key growth forces in the Asia Pacific region
  • Key powerhouses to look out for in APAC – Distinguishing peaks vs. averages in economies
  • The new age of smart machines: A game-changer in industry, labour markets and social wealth
  • Innovation – Friend or foe?
    The future lies in the integration of technological innovation and human psychology (the art and science of motivation)
Professor Tyler Cowen, America’s “Hottest Economist”, Economics Professor, George Mason University, Author, Average is Over
Leading the ICT Transformation
  • The drivers of digital transformation and a connected world
  • Examples of digital transformation
  • Engendering innovation through the use of technology
  • A Data driven connected world
Andrew Milroy, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation Practice, APAC, Frost & Sullivan
Accelerate Digitization - Building a Better Connected World
  • In this digital economy era, a country’s future economic development is dependent on a better connected digital transformation
  • ICT Innovative technology is an important driver for national digital transformation
  • National digitization process can be measured through Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index (GCI) based on the country’s stages of development (Starters, Adopters, Frontrunners) and local market conditions (collaborative supply, demand and experience, etc.), which would determine the focus of its future development.
  • Accelerating the digitization process, building a better connected world
    • We can work together in the areas of enhancing connectivity, enabling the digital transformation of vertical industries, improving the connectivity experience and expanding access under all scenarios, and to accelerate global digitalization
Daniel Tang, CTO of Fixed Network, Huawei
Afternoon Coffee Break & Refreshments
Connectivity – Trends, Opportunities & Challenges
  • The importance of connectivity in today's increasingly digital world
  • Key barriers to expanding connectivity, as well as the partnerships and range of different approaches needed to overcome these barriers.
  • The various connectivity initiatives launched by Facebook with the goal of bringing more people online
Kevin Martin,
Vice President and Global Access Policy, Facebook
The Business Model of Deutsche Telecom’s Public Cloud Deployment
  • Industry 4.0: How digitalization disrupting future business model?
  • The Open Telekom Cloud: Key enabler for Digitalization
  • Data security and privacy: The answer from Deutsche Telekom
Sharmila Santharasagaran, Managing Director, Vice President Delivery Region Asia Pacific, T-Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd
From IT to DT (Data Technology) – The Value of Big Data
  • Understanding the progression of IT to Data Technology: How is this crucial to a business?
  • Grasping the DT opportunity in this era
Alan Marcus, Head of ICT Agenda, Member of Management Committee, World Economic Forum
Making Global Digital Inclusion a Reality
  • The need to promote inclusive ICT development for digital inclusion
  • Aligning business strategies around solving humanitarian issues such as access
  • Implementing sustainability measures into commercial practice to enable activation of users
  • Holding companies accountable for their own transformative processes, to constantly improve the quality of connectivity and access
Niall Dunne, Chief Sustainability Officer, BT
The Era of Cognitive Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cognitive computing -- how does it change the game?
  • What happens when cognitive computing is applied to the Internet of Things?
  • Making it real - Cognitive IoT Case studies
Tim Greisinger, Vice President, Cognitive Solutions, IBM ASEAN
Panel Discussion: Using Smart Collaboration and the Sharing Ecosystem to Make a Better Connected World
  • The drive to digitize is forcing a major rethink in the way businesses are run and who they partner with - why?
  • Collaboration is no longer a buzz word, it is essential in today’s connected world. What has changed?
  • Accelerating the digitization process and building a better connected world involves a number of parties ad industry sectors.  Who is involved in these national digitalization programs?
  • What is 'smart collaboration' and how will sharing work?
  • Who has the say in policies regulating the ecosystem and best practices in enforcement?
  • What is the strategy in crafting policies that accelerate ICT innovation & fast track economic development
Setiaji, Director- Jakarta Smart City Project, Jakarta Provincial Government
Niall Dunne, Chief Sustainability Officer, BT
Daniel Tang, CTO of Fixed Network, Huawei

Tony Poulos, Managing Editor, DisruptiveViews and Columnist, Telecom Asia
Closing Remarks by Chairman
Tony Poulos, Managing Editor, DisruptiveViews and Columnist, Telecom Asia
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